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Objective Individual Combat Weapon

The Perfect Infantry Weapon
The OICW is a next generate weapon. The ammo actually has a computer on-board. You thought smart bombs were cool. Well, this gun takes smart weapons to the next level. Imagine being in a sniper fight with your enemy. Both your enemy and you are hiding behind heavy bullet proof shelters. But you have the advantage. You have a OICW. Your weapon has a built-in range finder. Now that you know the distance between you and your enemy, for example 720 feet away. You don't need to directly hit him if he is hiding behind something. You point your gun over his position or behind him. The gun actually programs the ammo to explode at 725 feet which will blast shrapnel all over. With the OICW, line of sight is no longer a rule for sniper fights!

The Smart Ammo
The Ammo that knows when to explode and become shrapnel. When you don't have a clear shot. Switching to the 20MM explosive round. Each round of Smart Ammo has an on-board computer and costs $25.00. The OICW holds a clip of 6 x 20MM smart ammo.
History of the OICW
First conceived in the early 1990s. First prototype capably of firing was in 1997. The maker estimates they will be fully tested and deployed by 2006.

Close up photos of the Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW)
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